Many Happy Returns

I think the BBC has (for once) actually given us a happy Christmas present this year! (that is if we ignore Doctor Who– which we will).
I cannot tell you how excited I have been over this!

7 minutes and 13 seconds of pure gold.

I’m sure many of you have seen this already, but what’s the harm in sharing more cheer around the interwebs.

I can’t even express all of my thoughts about it all!

Anderson! What happened to our clean-shaven butt of the joke? and he lost his job? He’s gone mad trying to prove that Sherlock is still alive, what brought this change about? or was there ever a change at all? was he always like this? someone who looked up to Sherlock even if he was quite abused by the man.

Lestrade, you darling man. It seems as though in the absence of Sherlock, Lestrade has been holding the group together. Keeping in touch with Anderson, visiting John, probably going over to check on Mrs. Hudson when he has the time, which I’m sure he makes. He’s the glue to the crew. He probably was more of that than we ever noticed in the past as well, I mean, forcing Sherlock to make a video for John’s birthday? That’s something big there.

But John, oh John. First of all, where’s your mustache? No but really, John. He’s moved to another flat, maybe with Mary. He’s done his best to move on, but it’s so obvious he’s never going to really going to get past it. When he sat down to watch that video, talking to Sherlock on the screen, he’s nowhere near recovered. *sigh*
Then when that knock came on the door, the way he glanced over to the door, “perhaps it’s him.” a tiny little spark of hope lit up for a moment, but then life came crashing back down again, no, that’s impossible. Sherlock is dead.

My guess is that it was Mary on the other side of the door…

And then we’ve got Sherlock, that selfish goober. Solving cases all around the world and making his way back to London He’s coming back!

Then there was the whole “smile and wink” thing that made all the fandom squeal in delight, a lovely nod to the fandoms, I must say!

To sum it up, I suddenly feel like I can make it to the New Year now. Only a few more days! We’re down to days now! DAYS!

and with that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Return of Sherlock in the New Year!

Sherlock and John

Hello Fellow Sherlockians.
I am here to apologize for my horrible attendance record on the blog. This crazy thing called College has ransacked my life and now I find that I have very little time for blogging, and when I do, I want to sleep instead.
So, here is an offering of apology and feels for you all to have.

Post-Reichen-Pooh feels.

Hello again!

I’m back with yet another bit of fanart. 🙂

Jawn and Sherly2

So, this one, pretty much, the context behind this one is, it’s been a while since Sherly jumped, and Jawn has decided that if Sherly won’t come back, Jawn will go to him…. the only problem is he can’t seem to make it… that plump old man keeps saving his life, (picture him as fate…. or some higher figure).

Yeah…. that’s that….

All credit goes to A. A. Milne and BBC (with a twist from myself)

I hope you like it. 🙂 I do.



Adventures of Jawn and Sherly (my very own fanart!)

Hello, fellow Sherlockians!
It’s been forever since I’ve passed this way, and I’m sorry. College is a bit of a time consumer. But today is Saturday meaning that I’m free!!!

That being said, I decided to be a little crafty. You see, I’ve got this book of Winnie the Pooh quotes, and all I can think about when I read them is making them into Sherlock crossovers. So, today, I finally had enough of my wishing, and I just did it.
I’m not the best artist, but I like it. It’s just a little sketch. I plan on doing more later.

Jawn and Sherly

So, yeah, this is the first fanart I have EVER done. EVER. I’m very excited about it and I want to share it.

Have a lovely afternoon!


Fangirl Or Detective

I’m a Hyper-Observant Sherlock fangirl, *cough* obsessive *cough* one of the strangest and most unique types of fangirls in existence, let’s just pretend

I can observe a Consulting Detective by his neck,


I can spot a blogger by his sweater


I can recognize a Pathologist by her fashion sense


A dominatrix by her lipstick


A minor position in the British government by his shoes


and a Consulting Criminal by his hairline


And I love my fandom.

Flowers Aren’t Just A Pretty Face (Reichenbach Theory-ette)

Hello my fellow Sherlockians!

Tis rather a shame I haven’t come over and said hello over here more often, but my real life has been rather taxing not matter how boring it may be.

So, yesterday when I came home from work, I found my dad sitting on the couch watching RDJ’s and Jude Law’s first Sherlock Holmes movie (which I happen to love with a lot of my being— although I haven’t seen it very much). I plopped down on the couch and joined my dad in the clever Victorian world of Sherlock Holmes.

Everything was fine and dandy through almost the whole movie until the end when [Spoilers] Sherlock was explaining to Watson how Blackwood had faked his death at the beginning of the movie, he explained the hanging (whilst showing it) and then he started to talk about a tincture that can be made from the Rhododendron flower that can lower your pulse to nearly nothing and give you the symptoms of being dead.

Rhododendron flower!


Why haven’t we seen this before?!?!

Now you could all look at me and say, “Anna, wrong movie you doofus.” but you can’t say that cause Rhodies are mentioned in BBC’s Sherlock too! Remember? It was during The Reichenbach Fall when Sherlock was trying to figure out where the Ambassador’s children were being held, and he was sent a picture of Rhododendrons which led him to the proper candy factory and la de dah de dah. BUT GUYS!! Sherlock had to have known!

He had to have used the Rhododendron tincture for part of his trick! I don’t know how he would have taken it, or when. I’m not sure how long it would take for the poison to come into effect though, so maybe he could have taken it down in the hospital before he talked to Moriarty. Either way, it’s an idea, and like most of my ideas, they aren’t really complete. It still doesn’t explain how he survived the impact form the fall or most everything else, but it at least clears up the pulse thing for John and the medics. (I’m not much for the rubber ball idea).

So, that’s my exciting thought for the day. What do you guys think? is it bogus? good? mad? I’d love to hear what you think!


Not Sally Donnovan!

For a little back story.
I work at a daycare as a sub teacher, which means I go to all the classrooms quite often, including the toddler room, ya know, the one that you’re always on your knees in because the people are so short and it’s just easier?

Well, everything is great about work, I totally love it! I’ve just got one concern…

Since it’s summer now, I wear shorts all the time, meaning my knees are exposed to the no-so-friendly carpet of the toddler room, and as a result of crawling everywhere in there I have acquired quite the marks on my knees– marks that look very much like something Sally might have gotten on her knees….

It’s horrible!

Needless to say, I’m a bit self-conscious about this terrible problem… (I promise! I have never scrubbed a floor in my life! I’m innocent!)

Let’s just say, I’m a little bit nervous to meet Sherlock in the summer time. 😉

Do any of you have a weird fear that was instilled in you from Sherlock?
things like scratches on your phone from the charger, ya know…
What’s your Sherlock community fear?

OK, Let’s Try to Breathe

Well, by golly, Molly!
Today is pretty exciting for a couple reasons, both of them being tightly intertwined.

This is my first blog post for Sherlock that is actually talking about something that in brand new for the Sherlockian world! I’m actually caught up with the rest of the fandom when it comes to blogging about stuff! (I mean, I’ve always been the obsessive fangirl who won’t shut up, but now, I can actually talk about something that happened when the rest of you are too!)

And this is what it is:

The Series 3 Teaser Trailer!

I cannot breathe!  I’m so excited I nearly exploded when I first saw this. and I screamed when we caught our first glimpse of John. Why?? Why must he have a mustache? Perhaps he has evolved from a hedgehog to a walrus? I’m not sure, but it was highly disturbing, along with Lestrade’s hair. What has he done? Was it some bet against Anderson or Donovan that he lost and as a result he had to shave his head? I don’t know the answer to this either. But what I do know is that Sherlock is back!

Sherlock Holmes is back!

although we knew that already. I mean it’s actually happening!

I’m not really sure which encounter I’m most excited to see. I mean of course, I’m looking forward to see what John will do (especially is Sherlock says hello during one of John’s dates with Mary.), but there’s other people too, like Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, and the way they made it look, it looks like Molly doesn’t know either, but what do I know?

I can’t pick which bit I’m most excited to see– possibly Mycroft– but really, I’m excited to see it all!

Series Three is closer than we think!
Only 5 more months! (if it airs in January) JUST 5 more guys! We can do it! We have this tiny glimmer of hope in the darkness of the past years that we have waited– something new!

What are some of your thoughts about the new teaser? things you like? love? adore? detest? question? or you just need to expel some fangirling I here for ya!
We should talk about it!
(It’s a good thing this is all text, because I can’t breathe right now.)


Crossover Obsessions.

So, as I neared the end of The Case of Richard Brook my need to write more crossovers was not quenched. As a result I texted a friend of mine and asked her for a couple Wholock crossovers that she would like me to write. The one that caught my eye to write next was one with John Watson. I now have a small idea of what it’s going to be and I’m very excited!

It’ll be  in the same “world”/”reality” as The Case of Richard Brook, Post-Reichenbach.
The basic idea is that John can’t handle living in 221B anymore despite the fact that Mrs. Hudson would happily let him stay for a very discounted fee. He wants to leave everything about Sherlock behind and try to start over. But, before John moves out Mrs. Hudson asked that he would at least help her find a new tenant for 221B, He finds one particular possible tenant who is like a ray of sunshine wrapped in a smile and a red dress. The rest is history.

I’m looking forward to writing it, and I would love to know what you think of it, feedback is always wonderful. 🙂



sorry, I haven’t had any exclusively Sherlock Holmes posts in a long long time. :/ but when a girl’s gotta write, she’s gotta write!